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In this era of heightened terror, our best defense is love…

 The more we fear someone with brown/black skin might attack us or our families, the more likely it is to happen because we’re marginalizing a group of people.You are Afraid Of Terrorism But Not As Much As Muslims Are.

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Hasta La vista


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Sometimes Things Happen In God’s Time, Not Your Time…

They say life starts at 18,25,30 or even 40. But for me, life starts when you knew how hard life can knock you down and at the same time. It starts on the day you know how to enjoy, glide, sync, and dance in every diversity life…

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Be Your Own Universe

 Every morning you can warm yourself up from yesterday’s winds and every morning you get a new chance to shine.

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The truth about Happiness…

 A concept that sometimes feels unattainable, yet we fantasize about when this emotion will fill our souls and consume our bodies.

via The Truth About Happiness: It’s All About The Chase

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Work, Play….


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