The Unanswered puzzle

IMG_0381Religions generally are making quite a claim that they have a message from the Creator, and Often a message that is supposed to be exclusive to that religion. So it is a case of: I’m right and everyone else is wrong! After all, if the message is from the wise creator it would make sense for it to be a consistent one, but since different religions make some contradictory claims, they can’t all be right! No, the challenge here is deciding which one, if any is truely right.              The point being here is that when it comes to religion you need to dismiss certain ideas. For instance, like merely following whatever your ancestors believed just because it seems familiar, or because you love them so much or can’t imagine how they could have been wrong! I am sure we have all done some things, if not many things, differently from our parents. So how is it that they could be wrong about those things and not about religion? What sort of reasoning would lead one to conclude that true religion should make you rich or that by merely believing in a particular person or thing you will get eternal life?                                          Claiming your religion is true because it changed youe life can’t be a sound and substantial criterion, because then other religions must also be true because they too have changed peoples’ lives. Infact, even someone who has decided to believe that their is no Creator at all might make the same claim that he or she used to follow a religion and now they don’t, and they are more happy and free!.                                                                 So Conclusively, true religion ( if there is one) have some I.D. through which and by which we can accertain its origin is from God. Start any religion rites by making a firm intention that you are doing it because it is what the one who created you wants you to do and not because you are following the truest religion. May the true message from the creator continue to guide our affairs.

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Wherever you go, there you are.

So simple. So profound.

Life is about being present. It’s about relishing in where you are and what you have, and taking note of what’s around you. It’s about celebrating, breathing, being, rather than always searching for the next thing, the next item or person to fill your emptiness.

Life is about mutual tolerance and absorbing (Bigotry Die by fire) About feeling ( I shouldn’t have all for others to have). About finding where you fit ( Not all respites are wonderful it is all about Finding your place in the universe and being okay with that place, even when it’s frustrating or exhausting or beautiful or confusing or somewhere in-between) and appreciating the way your life unfolds, on both good and bad days.

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little Quota..


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In this era of heightened terror, our best defense is love…

 The more we fear someone with brown/black skin might attack us or our families, the more likely it is to happen because we’re marginalizing a group of people.You are Afraid Of Terrorism But Not As Much As Muslims Are.

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Hasta La vista


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Sometimes Things Happen In God’s Time, Not Your Time…

They say life starts at 18,25,30 or even 40. But for me, life starts when you knew how hard life can knock you down and at the same time. It starts on the day you know how to enjoy, glide, sync, and dance in every diversity life…

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Be Your Own Universe

 Every morning you can warm yourself up from yesterday’s winds and every morning you get a new chance to shine.

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